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Top of Culvert
Left View Middle Culvert
Right Culvert Front View
Crack Repair
Crack Preparation
Top View Left Culvert
Left Culvert Entrance
Right Culvert Entrance
Culvert Distance
Culvert After Compaction
Culvert Entrance Middle

Culvert Repair- Galali

The project was located in Bahrain Investment Gateway, it was reclaimed land to be converted into industrial plots. The project had 3 culverts which were supposed to go underwater to aid in the water flow around the artificial island. After construction of the culverts it was noticed that all three had through and and through cracks every few meters. It was concluded this occurred due to the lack of construction joints provided in such a massive structure. The solution from our end was structural injection. We were to expose all the cracks and using a high pressure non-return valve inject a low viscosity resin to fill up all the cracks carefully. The resin was stronger then concrete and also had flexibility allowing the concrete to contract and expand without causing further damage.

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