Front - Under Construction

Front - Office - Under Construction

Front Gate - Under Construction

Right Side - Under Construction

External - 1 - Completed

External 3 - Completed


External - 2 - Completed

Interal Cold Storage 1

Internal Cold Storage 2

Internal Cold Storage Cooling System

Internal Cold Storage 3

Internal Cold Storage stacking

Sharbatly HQ - Ras Al Zuwayed

Country headquarters for Sharbatly group in the Kingdom Of Bahrain. The project consisted of construction of a accommodation building for Sharbatly staff , office facilities and a cold storage facility. The minimum operating temperature in certain areas is well below 0 degrees centigrade. The main cold storage structure  features a pre-engineered building, custom dock levelers and a unique 5000 SQM jointless floor pertaining to FM1 flatness.

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